These are a compilation of things I do in my spare time.
Sometimes I practice new skills, most of the time I try to entertain myself
All in all, I enjoy what I do and making money is an awesome side effect.




  • Andy Kauff – Blogger (Posting in WordPress)

    Grace did some amazing work on our project. Her work ethics are great, communication was perfect and not only she completed the work as requested but she improved on our ideas and made everything better. A+++++++++ contractor. Will definitely continue working with Grace.

  • Vladimir Christoprudov – Author (Book Formatting Client)Vladimir Christoprudov – Author (Book Formatting Client)

    Outstanding Experience!

  • Anastasia Netri – Author and Life CoachAnastasia Netri – Author and Life Coach

    One of the things that makes Grace you brilliant is her resourcefulness - she finds a way and consults who, or what she needs to consult to get the job done. Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound!

  • Le-an Lacaba – CEO of BLVNP PublishingLe-an Lacaba – CEO of BLVNP Publishing

    Grace is one who is full of ideas on how to expand something so small. She is always one who is quick to help someone in need and will always be available for any questions.

  • Leonard Naval – CEO of Lyle EnterprisesLeonard Naval – CEO of Lyle Enterprises

    Grace is a gem to work with. She's very capable and really smart. She can learn anything she sets her mind to and her optimistic views help boosts the moral of the whole company. She has a lot of skills and knowledge to offer any company she chooses to work with.

  • G Harris Media – Marketing Manager (Fiverr Gig Client)G Harris Media – Marketing Manager (Fiverr Gig Client)

    Oustanding experience!