How to Fail Your Way to Success

What is failing?

In terms of your business, is it:

when we lose a client? When we get rejected? When we go bankrupt?

At what point do we decide that we fail and then give up?

A contradiction of what we were led to believe, failing is actually a part of the process. Every successful person know that they wouldn’t be in that situation without failing at something along the way. And what they don’t tell you, is that they’re still failing at some things even up to this day. The only difference is, they’ve failed countless times that it becomes normal and easier to handle for them. They got a system to solve their problems.

So… How do we fail our way to success?

When we start something (a project or a business venture), we plan first, gather our resources, and then we follow our plan expecting good results that others have achieved before us. Because when we start out, the people we mimic teach us the right things they did without telling us that different factors affect what is right for each person. And so we fail.

The easiest thing we can do is give up. And that’s where the story ends for most people. For others, they didn’t stop there. They went ahead and adjusted their plan, but this time they’re taking it slow sometimes they hesitate without even realizing that the fear has now taken over and is getting them nowhere. They seem productive but no results.

So what’s the lesson here? When we do something new, there’s always the risk of failing. So why dilly dally when you can get it over with?

The solution is simple. FAIL FAST.

Planning to write a book? Just go ahead and do it! Whatever failure you meet along the way, greet it with enthusiasm and learn from it. The faster you fail at something, the faster you learn and be able to fix the problem.

It is through failing that we see the faults in our plan and be able to adjust them. The more we fail, the more we get learn, the more we get done. So don’t be afraid of failure, it’s part of the process.

Just FAIL FAST and you will eventually get the success you crave.